Kid Quagmire Video

We played up at the “Coffee 2.0 Cafe and Wine” the other night, and the proprietor Tami caught a bit of video on her new phone. Thanks, Tami!

The audio is a bit overdriven, but what the heck. You could say it enhances the effect.

Here’s the Windows Media Video (wmv) file for windows:

Kid Quagmire at Coffee 2.0 – Windows Media Video Format

And here’s the MPEG-4 (mp4) file for your Apple computer or personal media device:

Kid Quagmire at Coffee 2.0 – Apple Quicktime Format


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Kid Quagmire Pictures

Amassing a collection of band photos, albeit slowly. Up to a grand total of two, so far:


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House Band Classic Rock BBQ Jam

A fabulous time was had by all! The house band consisted of Mike Hulsman on guitar, Chris Lona on drums, myself on bass, and my lovely wife Kristen sitting in for some sweet vocals. Somehow she also cooked us up a legendary BBQ meal between takes. :)

Good thing there was no alcohol involved. ;)  Below are some of the more respectable (less embarrassing) mp3s. Classic Rock is alive and well in South Bellevue, WA, USA!

Catch Scratch Fever

Barbecue Jam

Outside Woman Blues


Cinnamon Girl

Walkin’ The Dog

We’re An American Band


Behind Blue Eyes

Brown Eyed girl

Crossroads Jam

Dock Of The Bay

Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Piece Of My Heart

Ventures Medley

Ziggy Stardust

White Rabbit

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An Evening With Kid Quagmire

The recordings below were captured live on Saturday evening, March 31st, 2012, at Eddie’s Trackside Bar and Grill in Monroe, WA.

You can’t imagine how fun it is playing with these guys! The customers seemed to be having a good time too; a lot of folks stayed until the very end.

Hustled Down In Texas

Blue Monday

Folsom Prison

Like A Tumbleweed

Can’t Be Satisfied

Dead Flowers

Messing With The Kid

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Dock Of The Bay

Girl From Ipanema




Big River

My Baby Left Me

Mama Tried


She Caught The Katy

You Don’t Love Me

Woke Up This Morning

Unchain My Heart

Yonder Wall

Shake, Rattle, And Roll

Takes A Train to Cry

Take The A-Train

Chattenooga Choo Choo

Thanks for listening! Now, go visit the kid quagmire web site and book the band asap!

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Kid Quagmire Setlist

I put together a list of tunes – I hate to call it a “setlist” since we never stick to a list – but it might come in handy when we’re in the middle of a gig, and wondering what to play next.

  1. She Caught The Katy
  2. Can’t Be Satisfied
  3. Like A Tumbleweed
  4. Unchain My Heart
  5. Diving Duck Blues
  6. Blue Monday (A)
  7. You Don’t Love Me
  8. Messing With The Kid (A)
  9. Hustled Down In Texas
  10. Route 66 (F)
  11. Big River / Remington’s Ride
  12. My Baby Left Me
  13. Folsom Prison
  14. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  15. Take The A-Train
  16. Chattanooga Choo Choo (A)
  17. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (A)
  18. Early In The Morning
  19. Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby (Am)
  20. Veracruz
  21. Adelita
  22. Brazil
  23. Satin Doll (Eb)
  24. Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing (Cm/Eb)
  25. St. Thomas Way
  26. Six Days On The Road
  27. Mama Tried
  28. Girl From Ipanema
  29. Nightlife
  30. Mercy Mercy Mercy
  31. On Green Dolphin Street (C)
  32. Watermelon Man
  33. Night And Day
  34. Hideaway
  35. The Stumble
  36. Yonder Wall
  37. Dead Flowers
  38. All Blues (G)
  39. Key To The Highway
  40. Dock Of The Bay
  41. Song For My Father
  42. Memphis
  43. Georgia
  44. Tore Down
  45. Shake Rattle and Roll
  46. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  47. Woke Up This Morning
  48. Messing With The Kid
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Kid Quagmire

Born of a relentless desire to go out and play gigs, Kid Quagmire is the brainchild of famed Seattle guitarist Kimball Conant and bassist Phil Lane. Together with the legendary John Rockwell on drums, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Kid Quagmire is your go-to band, whatever the occasion. It’s a trio of seasoned, professional musicians operating at a very high artistic level. With a seemingly endless repertoire, they can effortlessly recreate the classic tunes of the past for hours on end.

Kid Quagmire is always appropriate for the venue. For a restaurant or black-tie affair they can spin out a set of classy jazz standards, with brushes on the drums, or if there’s a dance floor involved they can turn up the energy level with a spate of classic blues and rock tunes. Or, they can wax Country & Western. You know, both kinds of music. :)

Kimball Conant

Kid Quagmire is a lean-and-mean trio, fronted by Kimball Conant on guitar and vocals. Kimball is an incomparable guitarist with a fabulous fingerstyle technique; his main tools are a 1962 Gretch hollowbody guitar, and an open-tuned acoustic guitar on which he uses the slide.

Phil Lane is an exemplary bassist, playing a 1973 Mocha Fender Jazz Bass. He specializes in older styles of music, and of bass-playing, as were more prevalent before the 1970s. 

Phil Lane

Phil is also a trained classical violinist, having studied at the UW under Denes Zsigmondy. These days he enjoys playing jazz and blues on the violin, when he’s not playing the bass.

John Rockwell is an excellent drummer with a magical effect on the music. He’s a real pro and a veteran musician, having played professionally for many years. John’s played with some world-class artists at various times in his career, people you’ve heard of. We’ll leave it to him to drop some names. We’re just lucky to have him on-board.

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Phil’s Greatest Hits

New! I was able to get some fresh new recordings that sound a lot better than the below. Check them out here!

Original post follows:

- preserved for posterity, and maybe I can get a gig too -

I sorted through a bunch of live recordings with myself on bass, in several different band lineups, and pared it down to a collection of the overall best ones. Drawing the line at “reasonably good” allowed for a pretty fair batch of tunes – 40 of them by the last count. Each was selected based on the overall sound of the band, the tightness, the groove, the overall musicianship and sensitivity, the relative lack of overt mistakes, and also (of course) the quality of the bass-playing specifically (considering that many of the tunes I hadn’t actually played before).

It is what it is. The mic placement was usually sub-optimal; for most of the tunes my Olympus LS-7 recorder was located next to the bass amp, and behind the PA system and guitar amp. The balance is off, tending toward bass-heavy, with muffled vocals, but it’s not the worst sound quality.

I divided things in to somewhat arbitrary categories below – although really it’s all about the same, as compared to something like Beethoven symphony for example.


Blues and R&B 

Can’t Be Satisfied

Mercy Mercy Mercy

Dock Of The Bay

Love Me Like A Man

Like A Tumbleweed

She Caught The Katy

Unchain My Heart

The Stumble



Blue Monday

Diving Duck Blues

Never Can Tell

Green River

Mustang Sally

You Don’t Love Me

Love Me Two Times

Messing With The Kid

Under The Boardwalk

Hustled Down In Texas


Jam Videos

all your love

ziggy stardust


keep your hands to yourself

Country / Honky Tonk 

Big River

My Baby Left Me

Folsom Prison

Your Cheating Heart

Two More Bottles Of Wine

Night Life

Give It Up Or Let Me Go

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad




Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

All Of Me

Watermelon Man

Lady Is A Tramp

Night And Day

Take The A Train


Do You Know What It Means

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me


If you made it this far, thanks for listening! The bass-playing may not the world’s finest, but it’s really not too shabby (in my humble opinion). Actually, I like it! On the bass, style is really what it’s all about, if not for style it’s just plucking notes. It boils down essentially to the notes that get played, versus the ones that don’t get played, and their timing. It’s about thinking on your feet, creating a credible “bass line” real-time, one that’s balanced and melodic, with the rudiments of motif and variations, with the right notes on the beat, or sometimes off the beat or syncopated, and usually wrapping back on itself at the end of the phrase. It’s about a steady, relaxed tempo, without rushing or dragging, and creating a natural pulse through subtle dynamics. It’s about control and repose, but with a sense of animation as opposed to a sluggish, plodding feel. That’s how it looks from the inside, here in my mind – here in Bassland.


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Bluesberries Jams

The Bluesberries have been around for a long time, in various incarnations and with various personnel, but always with myself and the incomparable guitarist Michael Hulsman at the core.

We don’t really play much anymore, due mainly to distance and logistics, but every so often we’re able to get together for a jam session. It’s always a high point, and something I really look forward to.

Below are some sound clips and some videos (which are needlessly large wmv files at the moment – for some reason I couldn’t get the server to serve mp4s)  from some of said jams. You can tell just by the sound of it how much fun we were having. :)


Video Recordings 

all your love

ziggy stardust


keep your hands to yourself

Audio Recordings 

wind cries mary

bridge of sighs

beer drinkers and hell raisers

blue jean blues


first cut is the deepest

heads up



ziggy stardust

white rabbit


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Trolling Craigslist

Sad to say it’s come to this. Below is my latest-greatest Craigslist ad, preserved for all posterity and/or until the hard-drive in my server dies, whichever comes first.

Need Bass? (Blues, Country, Jazz, Americana)

Date: 2011-10-10, 9:13PM PDT

Seeking skilled guitarist, vocalist, and drummer where we can sound really good together. Object is to play tons of gigs. Start with weeknight gigs in dive taverns to rehearse, then move to higher-class gigs. Style is as noted above, and below in some recent mp3s with myself on bass (but alas, as a mere substitute). Good players of the right style and vintage, let me hear from you!

  • Location: Blues, Country, Jazz, Americana
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


phil plays bass as kristen looks on approvingly the great freddy king
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